Money Saving Tips For Horse Lovers


There are many $$$ saving tips to help make horses affordable for everyone. Below is a selection of tips I have used and I hope you will submit some of your own tips to share with others.


  1. Order generic wormers. Jeffers Equine is a good place find affordable wormers.
  2. When someone in the barn needs to call a vet that is a good time for others to share the call charge if any vet work is needed.
  3. If you have problems with mud fever, rinse the horses legs coming in at night and put bacon fat on the areas before going out in the morning. Bacon fat keeps some of the mud off and the salt acts to draw out any infection.
  4. Beet pulp has no nutritional value but is good to help put weight on horses or to feed horses with poor teeth that may have trouble getting enough calories. Made with hot water it is a good place to mix other grains to soften them, and even meds will often go down easier…and it’s cheap.
  5. For agitated and traumatized horses give them Rescue Remedy. You can squirt it in their mouth, rub it on their muzzle and add it to the water. You only need 6 – 8 drops and I have seen it prevent a bout of colic in a nervous horse. Also a good idea to give some to the horse owner, the same dose!
  6. Make your own hoof treatment by melting linseed oil (try shopping at the auctions for this) add lanolin and a little pine tar (for disinfectant). Apply with a small, dollar store paint brush.
  7. There are many excellent (but expensive) products on the market for helping with hoof growth. To save money try buying Biotin in bulk. It’s good to miss a week with these supplements every month or two.
  1. Buy your feed once a month and store the excess in old broken freezers to keep out barn “pests”. This way you only make one trip to the feed store. Old freezers are usually free if you take them away!
  2. Old metal garbage pails are a good way to store feed and other items.
  3. Use old horse shoes nailed to posts/door frames/beams as hooks to hang blankets and other items.
  4. Watch for people getting rid of old barrels. You can make two waterers with a barrel, or use them to put hay in. You may need to silicone around a spout or plug on one end to prevent leakage.
  5. When you don’t have a knife handy you can open a bale of hay using another piece of binder twine as a saw. Slip the extra twine under the one you want to cut and pull up using a see saw motion.
  6. Butt chains/ropes/dividers from old trailers make good hangers for blankets. Put eye hooks on the stall door, or in the tack room or barn, and fold your blankets over them.
  1. Buy good quality tack through second hand sales, Craigslist, eBay.
  2. Store blankets, saddle pads and other tack in old freezers when not in use to prevent barn “critters” from wrecking them, and to keep them dry.
  3. Cleaning tack regularly will extend the life of the item. It’s worth it if you have purchased quality tack to begin with!
  4. Sell the tack you don’t use.
  1. Buy cheap dollar store conditioners, dilute them with water and put them in a spray bottle to use as a detangler for manes and tails.
  2. Use dryer sheets to wipe dust off your horse before going into the show ring.
  3. Spray a spot cleaner on your brush before brushing the horse and you will not only get a cleaner horse, but also a cleaner brush.

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