Our Adventure

Picture to Left: Skip Ackermans, Sharon Wells-Ackermans and T-A Mora Enchanted Iris (Lippit Morgan filly, "Iris Mae") at our home in Langley, BC

Before we were even married (in 2004) we acquired a 6-year old thoroughbred gelding that we named Laddie. He had been neglected and abused (at a high end establishment) and was in need of an immediate home as the barn he was in was being torn down. We decided to try to give him a chance so we quickly found a barn to board him at and took him the next day.

Skip had extensive farm experience and Sharon had experience with horses and so it began! By the end of the year the property where we were boarding was sold, the lady that had run the boarding facility had moved out and the new landlord asked us to take over....we said NO! He was a persistent man, however, and we finally agreed to take the place.

Nearly five years later we have accumulated more horses, more boarders and have done extensive work to fix the place up...all on a very limited budget as the landlord is only keeping the property as a holding investment. We have scrounged materials, had many friends help out, and managed to create the best place we can for the horses.

We sometimes take in rescue horses, we are active members of the Horse Protection Society of BC (visit their website at www.HorseProtectionSocietyofBC.weebly.com) and we spend most of our time raising our own horses.  Our horse journey has been very rewarding, and the learning continues every day - quite often its the horses that do the teaching!