Hudson came to us with injuries, but certainly in wonderful shape! He had been on the racetrack and doing well when he tore a minor suspensory ligament. Rehab for ligaments is not difficult but very time consuming - taking a year or more to heal. It wasn't long after he arrived that he started blowing abcesses. We pulled his shoes off to treat them but they just kept recurring. We had so much trouble with one foot that I put him on a course of anti-biotics to reduce the infection that was causing so much heat in the foot. The heat went down but the abcess seemed not entirely cleared up and poor Hudson was still lame. He got to a point where he was so uncomfortable that we considered putting him down...I didn't want to see him suffer endlessly. I spoke to the farrier, Dan St. Amand, and he suggested putting shoes back on because he felt that the flatness of Hudson's foot was causing bruising to recur and/or not clear up.
   Hudson is a model thoroughbred, in fact he has an exceptional temperment with no spook or crazyness...I let the kids bring him into the barn and groom him without hesitation, even though he stands a good 16.2 hh. Well, after his feet were shod I had one of the kids take him for a walk but she brought him back because he was bucking. I couldn't believe it. She put him in his paddock where he proceeded to rear, buck, run around like a big kid and bug the horses on either side of him! I finally had to let him have a run in the arena, where he rolled and ran and bucked and farted - he had a blast.
   He has regained his super attitude and I am making sure he gets some exercise four days a week to build him back to fitness. So far he is not showing up lame, but I will need to have him worked on by his therapist - Marilyn Tait. Marilyn noticed right away that he was off on his left hind quarter, which probably caused the tearing of his right front ligament.
   As we continue to build up Hudson's fitness level we are doing more and more ground work with him so that when he is ready, riding will be a natural progression. Of course he has been working under saddle for two years (he turns 5 this year) but his training has been limited to racing.
   Watching him in the ring his natural grace, his floating, relaxed movement all suggest great potential for this boy. I can see him in the dressage ring, english equitation, or hunter hack.
   Stay tuned for more updates and pictures......

Sept. 2010: Hudson is going very well under saddle. His ligament injury is barely noticeable.  We are now asking him to move off his hind end and are having massage adjustments to keep him in line while he makes the transition from racehorse to riding horse. Hudson will make someone a very loveable and fun companion, as well as a stunning mount. He is ready now to find that special someone to love him and nurture him, and maybe even show him off!

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