Purely For Love of the Horse

What is it about a horse that takes our breath away? Is it the perfect design? The vulnerable softness in their eye? The sheer power? Their simple willingness and honesty? Whatever it is, horses have been inspiring art and literature for centuries. Those of us who purely love horses find ourselves working hard for the time we spend with our equine friends. We spend hours trying our best to communicate effectively, care for them well and, finally, to ride or work them in whatever modality we (and they) choose.

Whatever our interest in horses, they are a costly passion. Not all of us can afford high end facilities, tack, training, etc. And high end is not always the best choice in terms of the ultimate health and wellbeing of the horse.

It has been my experience that consistency is the main key to working with your horse, and that even a novice can be an effective achiever with horses when they are consistent and persistent in their work and pursuit of "horse knowledge".

I am not a trainer or a horse professional, but I have had some very upliftinging and encouraging success with horses from foal to riding, and I'd like to share them with others who may be discouraged, confused or just looking for more information to help them with their own "horsey" endeavours.

I hope to hear from people who are "raising" horses on a budget and we can all share tips and strategies to help us have many happy and healthy hours together with our friends!

Below are some friends' sites you might find interesting:


Let us know your comments and experiences!