Our Horses

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have so many wonderful horses in our lives. Our horses are our counsellors, they listen when we need to talk, they never judge and they never repeat anything we say. They are our friends, we love to spend time with them, grooming, riding, taking walks...they forgive us our bad moods, they love us unconditionally and they provide us a reason to get up in the morning, even if we don't feel like it! We know when we bring a new horse in that we may not be able to keep it forever, sometimes we just need to help them get "back on track" so to speak, and then we need to find them a good family to belong to; but we always make sure they have life skills to provide them with everlasting "value" in the marketplace. We want any horse that moves on from here to leave with more than they came with! Check out our family.......we think they're special.